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What Is The Best Dispensary in DC 

Over the last decade, there has been an extreme change of pace in Washington DC’s cannabis culture, especially on the legalization of recreational cannabis consumption. Before 2015, you could not obtain or consume cannabis without a District Medical Marijana Card. However, more recent changes in DC law about cannabis have set the significant groundwork for recreational consumers and non-medicinal dispensaries within the District. 

I-71 allows adults in DC to grow, gift, possess, and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. Dispensaries in Washington DC, like Gifted Curators, take advantage of the initiative’s “gifting” loophole. As long as these cannabis shops gift cannabis instead of selling cannabis, they remain lawfully I-71 compliant. Continue reading below to familiarize yourself with DC’s gifting market, standard dispensary etiquette, and which dispensary holds the status of “Best DC Dispensary.”

Is Recreational Weed Legal in Washington DC?

Recreational Weed legal in Washington DC? Gifted Curators

Due to DC’s 2010 Legalization Of Marijuana For Medical Treatment Act, the District’s medical marijuana patients have had access to legal cannabis or products containing THC for over a decade. Many established and certified medical dispensaries are staples in their communities. However, thanks to the more recent legal ruling of Initiative 71, you no longer have to own a Medical Marijuana Card to obtain cannabis in DC. If you are interested in owning an MMJ Card but are unsure of the process, consider reviewing the differences between recreational and medical marijuana in DC.

Both residents of Washington DC and those visiting from out-of-state (ages 21 +) often obtain and consume cannabis recreationally. The people engaging in these practices remain unscathed by law enforcement due to the measures upheld by Initiative 71. I-71 calls for the legalization of growing, gifting, possessing, and consuming marijuana for recreational purposes. However, Washington DC and US Federal law both specify the criminalization of selling and purchasing cannabis. So, how is it, exactly, that DC’s marijuana gifting market community is thriving under the limits of the law?

Explaining DC’s Gifting Market 

Dispensaries that provide consumers recreational weed remain I-71 compliant by participating in DC’s Gifting Market. The consumer will often pay for legally purchasable items like stickers and merch in exchange for a gift of cannabis or products containing THC. The dispensaries practicing the gifting method will usually offer the shopper a gift menu including each cannabis strain and THC product offered in-shop. 

Gifted Curators incorporates street art into their marketing model to help support local DC street artists and maintain I-71 compliant practices. The local art also provides dispensary shoppers unique options for the lawful product purchase required before gifting high-quality cannabis or products containing THC. Take a closer look at DC weed laws and understanding Initiative 71 if you are struggling to understand the District’s cannabis gifting process. 

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How To Buy Weed From a DC Dispensary?

Whether they are unfamiliar with standard DC dispensary etiquette or with the District’s newer laws on cannabis, many folks are still learning how to buy weed in DC without a MMJ Card. If you want to know precisely how to engage in DC’s gifting market, you have come to the right place! Below, we will review step-by-step how to obtain dispensary bud for recreational consumption in Washington DC. 

1.Carry a State ID 

All DC dispensaries require customers to show valid identification and proof of age. Only U.S. citizens 21 years of age or older carry identification from Washington DC or any cannabis-friendly states in the US. However, DC dispensaries can unfortunately not accept IDs that prove residency in a State that outlaws recreational cannabis. 

2.Review the Gifting Menu

You can expect most DC dispensaries to provide their shoppers with a gift menu. This menu will contain a list of available cannabis strains, edibles, and other products containing THC offered by the dispensary. Staff can inform you about the product descriptions and offer input on any questions you may have. However, to comply with I-71 and DC dispensary etiquette, refrain from using language that suggests any “selling” or “purchasing” of these gifted cannabis items. 

3.Make a Legal Purchase 

Due to District law, selling and purchasing cannabis is not permitted. However, DC dispensaries constructed the perfect plan to supply shoppers with recreational cannabis while earning a profit for their business. Dispensary shoppers in DC must perform the lawful purchasing of a non-THC product before obtaining a gift of cannabis or products containing THC. Most dispensaries, including Gifted Curators, offer shoppers digital art for legal purchase. Once the shoppers pay for their legal item or digital art, they qualify for the agreed-upon THC or cannabis gift item(s). 

4.Receive Gifted Cannabis 

That’s all! Once you receive your cannabis or THC-infused gift, you will have successfully completed the steps to obtaining weed in Washington DC. Remember to consume this cannabis in private and unrestricted areas due to DC’s laws against smoking cannabis in public. For a pleasant and uninterrupted high, consume cannabis in privacy, at home, or in one of DC’s weed-friendly locations in Washington DC.

What To Buy at a Dispensary?

Remember what it was like walking into a candy store as a child. The second you pass through the store’s threshold, you swell with magic and wonder. Your eyes sparkle with delight as you stand staring at shelves and cases packed full of creations vibrant in color and uniquely enticing in smell. This excitement and curiosity are comparable to how it feels when visiting Gifted Curators, the #1 best dispensary in Washington DC. 

Whether you live in the area or visiting from out of town, GC dispensary is a must-visit for all cannabis consumers. The variety of cannabis strains, including many rare exotic strains, offered at Gifted Curators is unbeatable. Not only does this dispensary have a large strain selection, but it also provides a wide range of prerolls, edibles, concentrates, and dispensary merch. 

Perks of Shopping at Gifted Curators

Shopper safety and product awareness are top priorities at Gifted Curators. Bring any questions or concerns pertaining to cannabis to the shop for expert input from our pro staff. Or, complete your order online before stopping in for a quicker and more convenient dispensary visit. Below is a list of additional perks provided to the shoppers of Gifted Curators. 

  • Receive a free preroll after leaving your first review of the shop.
  • Sign up for our loyalty rewards program to earn frequent benefits.
  • Choose to receive shop deals and discounts by Email.

Gifted Curators supplies its shoppers with high-value cannabis sold at an affordable cost. Visit our shop and peruse our potent weed strains, delectable edibles, heavy-hitting concentrates, and much more. With over 2,000 5-star reviews, come in and see why Gifted Curators is the best dispensary in all of DC.