DC Medical Marijuana VS Recreational Weed 2021

Attention DC medical marijuana users, weed has been available here since 2010. But many residents who would benefit still don’t know how to get a medical cannabis card in DC.

DC Medical Marijuana

When it comes to medical marijuana DC has a process that may not be the easiest to figure out. In DC, MMJ (that’s shorthand for medical marijuana) regulations require patients to take several steps in order to qualify — and we’ll outline them all for you.

We’ll explain how to get DC medical marijuana, as well as offer an even simpler and safer solution that is just as good with no approval process in the way.

Medical Marijuana DC — 3 Steps to Get Started

Since 2010, marijuana for medical treatment has been legal and available to all DC residents — even minors. According to the DC medical marijuana program, enrolled patients can purchase up to four ounces of cannabis within a 30-day period and possess up to two ounces at a time. There are three main steps you need to follow to get DC cannabis cards.

How to acquire a DC Medical Marijuana Card Gifted Curators DC

DC Cannabis Cards — How Do I Get One?

‌In order to apply for a DC medical marijuana card, you must follow these three steps:

  1.  Show proof of residency. This program is specifically for DC residents, although the DC MMJ regulations allow patients from many other qualifying states who have a medical marijuana card to purchase in DC, too.
  1.  Next, you’ll need to work with a physician (either an MD or a DO), an advanced practice registered nurse or nurse practitioner (APRN/NP), a dentist, physician assistant, or a naturopathic physician who prescribes DC medical marijuana. 


It often takes many weeks just to get an appointment. You’ll also want to do extra research to ensure that the medical professional you meet with understands the benefits of the medical marijuana card DC has to offer. They can prescribe cannabis for certain medical conditions or symptoms you may be dealing with.

  1.  Submit your application online with the government of the District of Columbia. They’ll want to see documentation including:
  • The recommendation from your healthcare provider, with a date of issuance no more than 90 days prior to when you submit your application
  • A social security number, or a copy of a sworn affidavit stating that you do not have one
  • ‌Two current photos sized 2”x 2”, which is the same size as a passport photo
  • A copy of any government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license
  • Two proofs of DC residency, like an electricity bill in your name or a copy of your signed lease


It’s possible to complete this process online or through the mail, since providing a hard copy will make the lengthy process even longer. If you’re looking for a quicker way to purchase cannabis, you may actually want to visit a recreational store, since voters legalized recreational use back in 2014. Check out Gifted Curator, where you don’t need a DC cannabis card and can purchase weed immediately.

Getting a DC medical marijuana card may take 3-4 weeks and can be a hassle if there are any errors that occur. Which is why many people would just rather recreationally buy from DC weed stores such as Gifted Curator. As there is no inconvenience and just faster and easier compared to getting DC medical marijuana.

DC Medical Marijuana Program

Once a patient submits their application for a DC cannabis card, either online or through the mail, the review process begins. Officials within the government will look over all the documentation included in the application, and render a decision about whether or not to issue the card. Of course, while a resident waits for their DC medical marijuana card, they can use other ways to get weed in DC.

People still have the opportunity to make their purchases for cannabis, edibles, wraps, and other easy-to-consume products through a recreational dispensary. But if you are still wondering how to get medical weed in DC, you’ll find it’s a totally different experience.

Medical dispensaries are not able to obtain the same level of inventory and diversity of products that a recreational dispensary can, so patients find that their options are limited. You can spend the time to learn all about how to get a medical cannabis card in DC, and go through the whole process and waiting period involved, only to find long lines and frustration.

Recreational cannabis products come from the same plant as medical cannabis products. Getting what you need to feel better from Gifted Curators can save time and ensure the highest quality of cannabis products in DC. 

How to Get Medical Weed in DC

To review, here are the necessary steps for how to get medical marijuana in DC:

  1. Gather all the documentation, especially regarding DC residency
  2. Schedule and attend an appointment with a registered healthcare professional. Make sure you have the recommendation number they provide you. 

Log on to the government’s online application form and answer all the questions. You can also download the form. Completing the form entails inputting personal information, uploading digital copies of all documentation, and paying the $100 fee. You can submit the fee online or send a check or money order. Then wait 3-4 weeks for the DC medical marijuana card to come through mail and then you can start buying medical marijuana DC has to offer.

Do I Qualify for DC Medical Marijuana?

There isn’t a specific list of medical conditions that makes patients qualified for DC cannabis cards. The law states that qualified healthcare professionals can recommend cannabis as a medical treatment for any condition that they think would be alleviated by cannabis.

To qualify, then, a person must first have a bona fide relationship with their physician. That is, you can’t just “doctor shop” and presume you’ll get approved for a DC cannabis card. As a patient, you’ll need to complete (and pay for) a full assessment of your medical history and current medical conditions through an in-person exam. This must take place no more than 90 days before you complete your application.

Then, you must pay the fee and prove your residency. Medical cannabis cards are available to residents of all ages, including minors who have signed written consent from their parents or legal guardian.

Medical Marijuana DC — Is It Worth It?

Is going through the process of getting a DC medical marijuana card worth it? That’s a good question. Medical dispensaries are overcrowded, have limited products, and often have lines out the door.

Recreational dispensaries are much easier because you don’t have to jump through so many hoops. You have the choice of many premium strains, as well as many more edibles and concentrates. With the Initiative 71 gifting laws, DC residents can save time and get the results they seek.

Which is Better? Keep It Simple

DC medical marijuana has had its time and place. Today, residents who are facing health conditions that could be improved with the use of weed should still talk with a doctor, but can skip the entire process of obtaining DC cannabis cards. 

Even if you already have a DC medical marijuana card, DC cannabis is better in recreational dispensaries. You’ll be able to consume the right amount in the right way, so you can feel better and enjoy your high with no hassle.