2021 - Guide to Getting the Highest Quality DC Weed Strain

Guide to Getting the Highest Quality DC Weed Strain 2023

There’s a lot to learn before you walk into a marijuana dispensary if you want to be an educated cannabis consumer. With so many strains and types of weed for sale, knowing the best bud Washington, DC, has to offer isn’t easy.

If you’re looking for cannabis products in DC, precisely weed strains, you should first look for a dispensary that follows I71 protocols. Weed cannot be sold in the District of Columbia but can be given as a gift. So you’ll want to look for a dispensary that offers a recreational cannabis gifting experience

DC’s best bud isn’t limited to a single strain. The best cannabis flower and other marijuana products will assist you in achieving the desired experience. Some strains produce a deep sense of relaxation, while others produce high energy levels. Understanding the distinctions makes it easier to find the perfect strain for you.

types of marijuana

Types Of Weed

Let’s examine the different types of weed and the distinctions between them:


  • This cannabis plant produces a “mind high,” which boosts energy and reduces anxiety. Sativa enthusiasts typically report a boost in their creativity, productivity, and overall mood during the day.


  • These cannabis plants grow faster and have intensely relaxing “body highs,” which can be especially effective in reducing chronic pain, increasing appetite, and alleviating nausea. Indica potent strains are generally best enjoyed in the evening or at night for sleep aid, though everyone’s experience varies.


  • Hybrid strains are a cross between Sativa and Indica. Growers have become more inventive over the years, combining characteristics of one type of bud with those of another to create an entirely new and unique experience. Look for Indica or Sativa dominant strains to understand how they might affect you. These strains can be sativa or indica dominant, producing either an uplifting or sedative “high.”

By looking at the names of the different buds available for gifting in DC, you can learn a lot about them. The more familiar you are with Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, the better informed you will be about what you’re looking for when working with a budtender or purchasing something online. Begin by researching the best bud DC offers based on popularity and experience from Gifted Curators experts.

Gifted Curators, located at 2469 18th Street NW, has a fast and easy online ordering process, offers high-quality recreational marijuana products, is I-71 friendly, and has a friendly staff that can assist you.

best indica and sativa strains dc

Best Indica Strains 

For the best weed DC offers, check out these top choices:


Oreoz, also known as “Oreo Cookies” or simply “Oreos,” is an Indica dominant with a high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content that provides a long-lasting, relaxing high perfect after a long day. It’s created by crossing Secret Weapon strains with Cookies and Cream, giving Oreoz an aroma that some compare to a campfire s’more. Expect vanilla and chocolate notes as it aids in the relief of anxiety, depression, and stress.

SFV Kush

SFV, “San Fernando Valley,” is a cross between SFV OG and OG Kush, one of history’s most popular and well-known indica strains. SFV Kush has lemon and pine notes, and users enjoy it for sleepiness, pain relief, and stress relief.

Grandaddy Purple

This heavy indica strain is known as the “Grandfather” of all weed strains, with timeless full-bodied effects and an infamous flavor that will leave you wanting more. The Granddaddy Purple high begins with a cerebral rush with a slight numbing effect. A slightly psychedelic effect will gradually wash over your mind, leaving it floating through trippy visions as your body enters a deep state of sedation and the case of munchies.

Rainbow Sherbert

You’ll notice the sugary, fruity notes of Rainbow Sherbert, a cross between OZK and Pink Guava strains. Although it’s an Indica-dominant strain, users note that smoking makes you feel chilled out and inspired to be creative. Smoking more brings about a strong euphoria ideal for pain relief. 

Best Sativa Strains

For a Sativa weed DC adventure, check out these strains to sample.

Blue Dream

Smelling and tasting like sweet berries, Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains for a balanced Sativa. You’ll notice a stimulated mind, a relaxed body sensation, and an overall energetic and uplifting feeling. It’s one of the most popular Sativas on the West Coast and is now available in DC. 

Best Hybrid Flower

More strains are being created to get the best of both worlds. Here are some hybrids that are the best buds DC has.

Triple Banana

Triple Banana is a classic hybrid with a balanced experience for the whole body. You’ll notice a sweet, fruity flavor with sour citrus and earthiness hints. At 22% THC content, it’s one of the most potent weed DC offers.

Jack Herer

Also strong at 23% THC content, Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant cross of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and Sativa Haze. What’s great about this strain is that users note that you can remain clear-headed, alert, and happy — a perfect daytime experience.

Uncle Spaceman’s Pepper

This organically grown hybrid mixes three popular strains: Grape Jelly X, GMO X, and Royal Kush. Uncle Spaceman’s Pepper offers a highly relaxed sensation with a lingering buzz for euphoria and a restful night’s sleep. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Chemdawg and an unnamed Sativa for a powerful high. Expect an energizing cerebral high that will open doors to creativity. This strain is commonly used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue in medical patients. Although sour Diesel contains some indica, it is more sativa stimulating and brings a lively head high.


A Sativa-dominant hybrid, L’Orange is named for the light orange hairs and trichomes visible on the bud. The aroma smells like orange zest, indicating an uplifting and bright high. Some users liken it to a delicious glass of refreshing OJ as a great way to start the day.


For a hybrid that leans more toward the Indica experience, consider Ichiban, which has a robust 27% THC content. This strain crosses Blue Cookies, Jet Fuel Gelato, Guava, and Oreoz. A lot is going on with this one, so it’s best to tread gently when first trying this famous strain.

Red Açaí

Another Indica-forward hybrid is the Red Açaí, which is a creative cross between Sunset Sherbet and Açaí Berry Gelato. That means you can expect a sweet aroma and taste and a spacey and sedating high. It’s considered a “dessert strain,” meaning many people like it after dinner to relax at the end of the day.

best dc edibles and concentrates

Best Edibles

Cannabis users who don’t want to smoke or vape flowers can still get some of DC’s best buds by considering edibles. Gifted Curators offers everything you need to fulfill your needs: candies, lemonade, gummies, capsules, and chocolates to try.

Baghead Boys

Perhaps one of the most popular THC-infused edible products is Baghead Boys gummies. The pack contains four pieces, which are 100 mg each. You can cut them into smaller pieces to get the best dosage.

Mello Bars

If you’re looking for some delectable marshmellow bars, look no further! These edibles are even more potent, so use caution.

Each bag will contain 500mg of THC in total. Even with a high tolerance, these are great for all-day use and can eliminate the need to smoke if taken in small doses throughout the day.

Delectable and addictive. Mello Bars may bring relaxation, laughter, positivity, creativity, and more. Get your hands on these bad boys at Gifted Curators smoke shop!

THC Chill Pills

If you’re looking for a cannabis experience that makes it easy to chill out, try the THC Chill Pills. Each pill is 25 mg and has no flavor, so they’re easy to pop and experience the relaxing high. These are perfect for on-the-go use and are a discreet way to enjoy THC effects.

Best Concentrates

If you have a higher tolerance for marijuana or want a more intense experience, consider using concentrates. Manufacturers use DC marijuana buds to create hash, resin, shatter, and premium vape cartridges. To enjoy the product, each concentrate requires a specific tool, such as a pen or a dab rig, so if you have any questions, speak with a bud tender at Gifted Curators.

Few items beat the Torch X Ghost Diamond Vape pens for on-the-go enjoyment. These cartridges offer two grams of live resin in various flavors and strains. Try Banana Smoothie for a Sativa, Churro Waffles for Indica, and Pink Runtz for a hybrid experience. These pens don’t need a battery because they are rechargeable and all-inclusive.

Tips for Gifted Weed in DC

You’re now a more informed consumer and ready to visit an I-71-compliant store. Initiative 71 is the law that made it legal for adults over the age of 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana in the District of Columbia. While selling it is illegal, giving it as a gift is legal.

That’s where Gifted Curators comes in. When you visit the store or go to the Gifted Curators website, you will buy digital prints of graffiti and street art. When you purchase these items from the featured local artists, you’ll get the cannabis product of your choice as a gift. You don’t need a medical marijuana card, and you don’t need to be a DC resident. Just bring a valid ID showing you are over 21.

It’s also a good idea to remember to ask to purchase digital art instead of cannabis. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow the law.

Then you can receive bud, either natural or pre-rolled, and other cannabis products as a gift. Check out the website because you can order and have your gift ready when you arrive. Please bring cash with you as we currently do not accept credit cards or other forms of payment.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Check out the Gifted Curators website or call (202) 230-8516 if you have questions about the best bud DC offers.