How to get the Highest Quality Weed strains DC

how to get the highest quality weed strains dc

Washington, DC, has seen increased demand for recreational cannabis products. Now that Initiative 71 (I-71) is well established and practiced throughout the city, Almost every corner in town now has a gifting dispensary.

DC offers both medical and recreational cannabis; however, DC medical dispensaries frequently have to jump through legal hoops to obtain all of the newest and best strains. On the other hand, recreational dispensaries operate outside this system, giving them more freedom to sell whatever brands they want—often resulting in hot new products from your favorite recreational dispensaries every few months!

But where can you find the best dispensaries in town? And, with so many vendors, how can you tell if a DC dispensary has high-quality strains before you walk in?

Luckily, we’ve compiled a 2023 high-quality cannabis strains guide for DC.

Keep on reading to find out where you can get the best weed!

Best Dispensaries in DC

best dispensaries in dc

Gifted Curators

Do you want to have a safe and authentic DC experience? Step into Gifted Curators on 18th St NW, where you’ll be greeted by local street art and the friendliest bartenders in town. This dispensary is well-known for not only providing the best cannabis shopping experience in DC but also for providing high-quality products. The staff is highly knowledgeable about cannabis and will help you choose the best strain for your needs, whether it’s flower, pre-rolls, edibles, or concentrates.

Gifted offers a variety of specials regularly, including the best and rarest strains on the market. They only carry high-quality, terpene-rich bud and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Gifted Curators truly has it all, offering the city’s best in-store DC weed experience.

top dc dispensary strains

Top strains

  • Peach Certz (Indica Hybrid): Sweet fruit and menthol gas with a euphoric, cerebral, and calming high

  • White Cherry Gelato (Hybrid): Dense buds with sweet, earthy aromas and an energizing, anxiety-free experience

  • Blue Dream (Sativa Hybrid): Body relaxation with cerebral euphoria and heightened creativity tastes like sweet berries. 

  • Red Açaí (Indica Hybrid) The high is intense, spacey, and sedative. This strain is ideal for smoking in the late afternoon or early evening. If you enjoy cutting-edge genetics, desert strains, and a robust flavor profile, this is the strain for you.

Giving Tree

Giving Tree is a unique arts and music venue with a vibrant floral exterior featuring local artists. Once inside, choose a one-of-a-kind digital art print or a large canvas to display in your home proudly.

This H-Street location is also a high-end weed dispensary, providing gifts of the finest high-grade cannabis products. The dispensary has a small but mighty menu of flower and edibles, and quality is always guaranteed.

Top strains

  • Dream Soda (Sativa Hybrid): Smooth, creamy vanilla and pine combine to give you heady, calming euphoria

  • Cherry Runtz (Indica): Sweet candy terps provide a relaxing high you can go out or stay in with

  • Jack Herer (Sativa): This classic strain has earthy pine aromas and will give you an energetic, creative high. 

Flower Avenue

Flower Avenue is one of the city’s many weed delivery services. They offer appointment-based pickup or Northwest DC weed delivery services. This gifting dispensary is committed to providing a safe and trustworthy cannabis haven for locals and tourists alike. 

Buy a sticker online and select a gift from their vast selection of premium buds, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, or edibles. Flower Avenue also offers deals, specials, and loyalty incentives to help you enjoy your favorite cannabis for less. 

Top strains

  • Zoap (Hybrid): Spicy, tart, and a little skunk, these fluffy buds provide giggly, euphoric waves of positivity

  • Skywalker OG (Indica Hybrid): A renowned and potent strain that gives citrus notes and anti-anxiety, pain-relieving relaxation

  • Rose Gold Runtz (Hybrid): Promotes euphoria and creativity and, at a whopping 32% THC, is only suitable for experienced smokers. 

Choosing the Best Dispensary

choosing the best recreational dispensary in dc

There are numerous weed shops to choose from throughout DC. But perhaps you’re from out of town, or it’s your first time, and you don’t have any smoking friends. Knowing where to go for high-quality weed and which places will disappoint can be challenging. That’s before you enter the store and decide which cannabis products to purchase.

You’ll need to locate a reputable DC cannabis dispensary. If none of our suggestions above meet your needs, read online reviews from forums, social media, and other websites. The DC community knows good weed and is eager to share their knowledge with you.

Also, always shop at an I-71-compliant store. I-71 gifting shops only require a 21+ ID and offer great recreational cannabis. These establishments gift weed, meaning you can’t walk in and ask to buy weed. Instead, start a transaction by asking the budtender to show you the available products. Following that, you’ll be asked to select which cannabis gift you’d like to receive with your digital art purchase.

The items available for purchase differ from store to store, allowing dispensaries to differentiate themselves. Magazines, posters, and stickers are available in some stores. Others sell CBD products, printed clothing, and fashionable accessories. Gifted Curators has a beautiful selection of Digital art you can browse through.

But let’s be honest; when you go to a dispensary, the quality of the weed is the most crucial factor. Follow our recommendations above, and you’ll soon have your hands on some of the highest-quality kush — buds that would satisfy any stoner. 


Can tourists buy weed in DC?

Good news: visitors from Maryland and elsewhere can either be gifted weed from I-71-compliant shops or purchase medical marijuana in DC. The rules are the same whether you live in DC or are visiting from another state. Some dispensaries require a DC license to prove your age, but Gifted Curators allows you to use a different state ID without issues.

Just don’t try to bring any marijuana you buy home with you. Even if you’re going to a legal state, transporting cannabis products across state lines is strictly prohibited.

Can I consume cannabis in a hotel or rental property in DC?

We don’t recommend smoking in your hotel room — it’s not the 90s anymore. However, many hotels have smoking areas or rooftops, and we’re confident you could smoke a little bud in most of these without incident. If you’re staying in an inner-city DC neighborhood, arrange for cannabis delivery to your hotel or walk to the nearest storefront.

If the ambiguity of hotel policy makes you nervous, you could even book one of the city’s 420-friendly Airbnbs.

Are there any restrictions on who can purchase cannabis in DC?

There are a few restrictions on purchasing cannabis in DC, but they’re relatively simple for most people to understand. First, you must be 21 or older and have a valid license or state ID to purchase marijuana in DC.

The second issue is that, as previously stated, it may appear that you cannot purchase cannabis in Washington, DC, without a medical marijuana card. However, you will not need a medical card to purchase marijuana legally from recreational I-71 shops. 

Consider a local gift shop like Gifted Curators. You’ll be able to browse the fantastic selection of digital art and a variety of high-quality cannabis gifts to complement your purchase.

Is it legal to smoke cannabis in public in DC?

It remains illegal to consume weed in public in Washington, DC. The fine for public consumption is small, at $25. Most folks in DC are reasonable. But if you prefer to avoid the disapproval of strangers, only light up in residential areas and preferably in the evening. 

However, things could get more severe if caught even carrying weed on land owned by the federal government. These spaces comprise about one-third of Washington DC, including military buildings, government buildings, most waterfronts, and national parks like Rock Creek Park and the National Mall. 

How much cannabis can I purchase at a dispensary in DC?

Although recreational marijuana sales are prohibited in DC, adults may give each other up to one ounce of marijuana. This gifting I-71 loophole means that in exchange for a small purchase at a dispensary in DC, you can receive up to an ounce of free vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates, or another type of marijuana.

You can legally possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis on DC-owned property. Adults over 21 can grow up to six plants at home, with no more than three in maturity at any given time.