How To Buy DC Concentrates In 2023

dc concentrates buying guide

Buying Concentrates In DC 2023

For those living in or visiting Washington, DC, you may need help finding the best concentrates in town or that you can legally obtain them, thanks to a gifting loophole in Law I-71.

Kief, wax, shatter, budder, badder, hash, rosin, and crumble are some of the beloved types of cannabis concentrates, and the list goes on.

Continue reading to learn more about where to find the best weed concentrates and more information on this potent form of cannabis.

Best Place To Buy Concentrates In DC

When buying concentrates in DC, there are various cannabis gifting dispensaries to choose from. However, keep in mind not all dispensaries are trustworthy. Some are failing to follow protocols or providing sub-par products. Luckily, Gifted Curators has you covered.

Gifted Curators is one of the best marijuana dispensaries in DC for cannabis concentrates. Located in the heart of Adams Morgan, GC offers some of the finest exotics available while remaining 100% compliant with I-71. With a purchase of digital art from our street art gallery showcasing local artists, customers receive cannabis gifts of their choice from our extensive menu.

Gifted ensures all protocols are followed, so you can have peace of mind while securing your bud. All customers need to do is be 21 years of age and present a valid state ID, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our high-quality cannabis products range from pure flower to mouth-watering edibles, including various concentrates for an extra kick.

Let’s go over some of the concentrates you can find in DC.

DC Cannabis Concentrate Types 

So, what types of cannabis concentrates can you get in DC?

DC dispensaries offer a variety of cannabis concentrates, from Indica to Sativa.

Some of the top concentrates to buy in DC are:

  • Hash Oil – Typically consumed by smoking vape or dab pens, hash oil is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. You can find oil concentrates in DC dispensaries in the forms\ of vape cartridges and more.  
  • Dabs – Comes in many forms; a dab is a general term for a wax-like THC concentrate. It may also be called wax, honey oil, budder, or shatter, although these all have differences. Dabs can be consumed by smoking, adding to joints, or adding to food or drinks.
  • Live Resin – This concentrate comes in solid, wax, or liquid form that can be consumed, smoked, or vaped. It’s a potent form of THC with high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Some of the popular forms of cannabis concentrates available at Gifted Curators include:

popular gifted curators concentrates

  • Gifted Curators Premium Vape Cartridge – 1g THC hybrid-effect cartridge with premium distillate and terpenes. 
  • Torch Diamond Vape – Live Resin Diamonds with 2g THC. Available in Mango Mimosa (Hybrid) and Yankee OG (Indica).
  • Live Resin Sugar (Coming Soon) – Solid THC concentrate of live resin sugar with high cannabinoid and terpene levels.
  • Badder (Coming Soon) – Whipped wax concentrate for dabs and joints.

Highest Rated DC Cannabis Concentrates

In Washington DC, there are a variety of marijuana concentrates on the market, but which are the best?

Vape carts and live resin sugar are two top choices for cannabis concentrates in DC.

Below are the highest-rated picks for both of these concentrates in DC.

Concentrate Vape Cart DC

Concentrate vape carts are some of the top choices for cannabis concentrates in DC, and the highest-rated concentrates can be found at Gifted Curators.

Vape carts come in disposable and rechargeable forms like dab pens and vaporizers. They also contain varying cannabis concentrates, such as live resin, wax, oil, budder, crumble, and more.

Vape concentrates also come in countless strains within the Indica, Sativa, and hybrid groups. At Gifted Curators, we currently offer the Premium Vape Cartridge and Torch Diamond Vape for smooth, concentrated vaping experiences.

Live Resin Sugar Concentrates DC

Live resin sugar concentrates are popular for weed connoisseurs in DC. In this pure concentrate with higher cannabinoid and terpene levels than regular flower, users can enjoy an extra-high high that your average joint can’t reach.

Live resin sugar is made using plants frozen immediately after harvest that is processed to resemble a semi-crystalline, honey-like consistency. In DC, coming across live resin sugar concentrates can be difficult. Luckily, Gifted Curators is soon to offer our highest-rated live resin sugar. Add live resin sugar to your dab rig or joint for a potent, aromatic experience.

In addition to our highly rated vape concentrates, we offer a wide variety of top-quality cannabis products at Gifted Curators. Our premium gifting menu includes pre-roll joints, flower, edibles, and more to suit your weed needs. Check out our full marijuana gifting menu here

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Though dabs and vape pens are well-known forms of concentrates, you might still be wondering what exactly cannabis concentrates are.

Cannabis concentrates are highly-concentrated, THC-containing substances derived from marijuana plants. They come in a wide variety of forms made from numerous different processes. Some of these processes include:

  • Dry processing
  • Dry ice processing
  • Water-based processing
  • Pressure and heat processing
  • Non-flammable carbon dioxide solvents
  • Flammable solvents like butane, propane, or alcohol 

These processes produce a final product that resembles wax, lip balm, or solid amber. The concentrated cannabis product with high THC levels, cannabinoids, and terpenes, making it much more potent than regular marijuana flower. The concentrate can then be smoked using a dab rig, vaped, added to food or beverages, and combined with flower, depending on the type of concentrate. Weed connoisseurs may choose concentrates for the strong high and ease of use they provide.

Concentrates can be differentiated into two main categories: solventless and solvent-based.

Let’s go over the difference between these two categories and the numerous types of concentrates for each. 

Solventless Concentrates


solventless concentrates in dc

Solventless concentrates are cannabis concentrates that use no added solvents to create them. That includes concentrates derived from dry, water-based, pressure and heat processing and other solvent-free methods. Solventless concentrates contain high terpene and trichome levels for a potent effect. Many marijuana lovers prefer solventless products as no added chemicals are used in the process. Some types of solventless concentrates include:

  • Kief – Kief is the part of a cannabis flower with the most potent concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is the crystal formation at the top of the trichomes’ resin glands on the flower, but the entire trichome is usually what is used to make what we call kief. Kief extract is made by passing a flower through a mesh screen to create a fine pollen-like powder. Kief is also the fine powder in the bottom compartment of your grinder. It’s mixed into pre-rolls, bowls, moon rocks, caviar, and other things.
  • Hash – Hash is made by applying pressure and heat to kief to form a wax or liquid. The resulting substance is then added to a joint, beverage, bong or formed into a vape-able oil.
  • Rosin – This concentrate is created using pressure and heat on cannabis in a precise manner. It maintains high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichomes. Types of rosin include rosin jam, oil, flower rosin, and badder.
  • Badder – Badder is a type of rosin whipped into a frosting-like consistency.
  • Dry-sift – This powdery concentrate is like kief but more precise. It is often created by freezing flower buds and then dry-sifting them into a pollen-like powder. It’s often gathered into bars that can be dabbed, added to pre-rolls, etc.
  • Bubble hash – This type of hash is extracted using an ice bath. The cold temperatures agitate the cannabis plant, separating from the potent trichomes when strained. The result is a hard, waxy consistency that can be added to joints, dabs, and edibles.

Solvent Based Concentrates


solvent based concentrates

Solvent-based concentrates are the opposite of solventless ones, as they do involve adding a separate solvent in the extracting process. The chemical extracts used in solvent-based extractions include butane, propane, alcohol, ethyl, and CO2 solvents. Quality solvent-based concentrates are put through extraction processes to remove the chemical solvent from the final product. However, not all vendors or amateurs follow the correct processes, so obtaining solvent-based concentrates from a reliable source like Gifted Curators is essential.

Some solvent-based concentrates include:

  • Shatter – Shatter, a type of butane hash oil (BHO), is made using butane and pressure to strip the potent cannabinoids and THC from the cannabis plant. It is the purest BHO with up to 80% THC in some forms.
  • PHO – Propane hash oil (PHO) is created using propane and pressure. It is then used in dabs, joints, edibles, etc.
  • Live resin – This concentrate is extracted using a more natural solvent: CO2. Similarly to the other solvents, CO2 separates the cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannabis. It is also called THC diamonds, sugar, sauce, vapes, and other names.
  • Distillate – This concentrate may be created using butane or CO2 to extract the THC from a cannabis plant. Thus, it is a very potent, pure form of THC.