dispensary dosage guide for different cannabis products

Dispensary Weed Dosage Guide For Different Cannabis Products 

It’s true: Cannabis is more potent than it was decades ago. The high potency levels can make it challenging for beginners and connoisseurs alike to determine an appropriate weed dosage for their desired effects. 

From the 1960s to the 1980s, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of marijuana hovered around 2% because many strains were grown without an understanding of the cannabis plant. Today, the potency can be four, five, ten, or even more times greater.

Here’s why: In the early 1990s, scientists began studying the human body’s endocannabinoid system. This bodily system supports the endocrine system by maintaining homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system produces chemicals used by the body’s cannabinoid receptors for regulation to keep the endocrine system pumping out the proper levels of hormones for optimum sleep, weight, moods, reproduction, and more.

In times of stress, however, the body can’t produce as many of these chemicals — called endocannabinoids — to keep homeostasis. So the 1990s was when the cannabis plant became especially interesting to more people, not just smokers who liked getting high. Scientists determined that the reason for the plant’s intoxicating effects was connected to the plant version of this chemical, called phytocannabinoids. 

With the proper weed dosage, cannabis can supplement the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Not long after this discovery, entrepreneurial growers started altering cannabis plants to enhance these chemicals for specific purposes and effects. At first, there was a market for CBD (cannabidiol) products because the CBD cannabinoid doesn’t have intoxicating effects. Drug laws made research and production easier for CBD products. Then, as public opinion relaxed and voters approved legalization efforts, it was easier to show that THC content in marijuana was also important to many health initiatives.

From pain relief to improved sleep, cannabinoids from cannabis products can support the body in a scientifically proven way. Through years of experimentation, many different kinds of weed are now available to consumers. And some of these strains and products are incredibly potent.

Weed dosage can be defined as the proper amount of a cannabis product to be consumed for the specific desired effects. If someone takes too much, the amount of THC (the cannabinoid with psychoactive effects) can produce undesirable feelings. But if cannabis user consumes too little, they likely won’t feel the effects of cannabinoids at all.

Finding your sweet spot can be a challenge, especially with the many different kinds of cannabis products available for both recreational and medical cannabis use. It’s possible to buy flowers or raw marijuana buds. It’s also possible to buy THC edibles like candies, brownies, cookies, or gummies. Cannabis oil, sometimes called a tincture, is also a popular choice, along with other cannabis concentrates that make it easier for people to take larger doses. 

Cannabis users should educate themselves about how to determine their ideal dose. This guide offers a good foundation, but the best dispensaries will also have seasoned experts who know the correct dose and side effects for their products. 

Gifted Curators Weed DC Dispensary provides safe and accurate dosing information, so our customers can get the best experience the first time — and every time — they enjoy cannabis products.

understanding weed dosage

Understanding Weed Dosage

The most important thing to know before ingesting cannabis products is that the ideal weed dosage is unique to the individual. Just because your friend can handle a certain amount of THC doesn’t mean you can handle the same amount. THC’s effects impact everyone differently.

To determine your THC tolerance and the effects of cannabis strains and products on your body, start by learning the different factors that contribute to finding the cannabis dosing that’s right for you. 

factors that affect weed dosage

Factors That Affect Weed Dosage

There are three main things to consider when understanding THC dosage: tolerance, consumption method, and the Product’s potency.


Tolerance is defined as a person’s diminished response to a particular chemical. Over time, the body adapts to certain chemicals introduced into the body, such as cannabinoids. When this happens, it takes more to feel the desired effects. What high doses look like compared to lower doses will be different for people who partake daily versus those who just started using cannabis. 

Method Of Consumption

Weed dosage varies with the method of consumption. Today’s cannabis market is filled with different edible cannabis products, vaping options, and more. Depending on the strain, smoking flower may require more Product than consuming potent cannabis edibles, which may have a lower THC concentration than a dab. 

The Potency Of The Product

Not all cannabis chocolate bars are the same. Some have a total THC dosage of 5 mg, and some have a potency of 100 mg of THC. The same goes for every other method of consumption. You must read the label to understand the Product’s strength.

Some products, such as concentrates with 11-Hydroxy-THC, are designed for even faster and more effective binding to the body’s cannabinoid receptors. These products can be even more potent. Talk to a budtender at Gifted Curators Weed DC Dispensary to know the right weed dosing for the Product. 

How To Calculate Your Ideal Dosage

Experimentation is usually the best method for determining your individualized tolerance for each form of consumption and the potency levels of each Product. A responsible marijuana dosage means being mindful of your heart rate, impairment level, and overall reaction. 

Start Low and Go Slow

Always take a low dose if you aren’t sure what’s the right amount for you. Just because a chocolate bar has 100 milligrams of THC doesn’t mean the entire bar should be consumed at once! Even if the recommended edible dosage on the package is 5 mg, your weed dosage could be 2.5 mg. 

Titration Method

In chemistry, the titration method refers to slowly adding a solution to a known volume until a reaction reaches a state of neutralization. In lab experiments, this state can be indicated by a change in color. 

While we can’t see what’s going on inside our endocannabinoid systems, with mindfulness, we can identify when our systems relax. If the amount of THC is too high, that feeling of calm can turn anxious or uncomfortable. So pay close attention to your body.

Dosing Based on Weight

When calculating your weed dosage, remember bigger bodies usually require more of a product for the same effect. Veterinarians who prescribe cannabis will recommend a smaller dose to a cat with cancer than a horse with arthritis. The same is true for humans.

Plus, THC is fat soluble, meaning it will bind with the body’s fat cells. Thus, body weight can play a role in determining the best THC levels for a desired experience. 

Dosing Flower

Flower is an industry term for the raw bud of a female cannabis plant. These flower buds, called nugs, are usually harvested and separated from the plant’s leaves, stems, and branches. The buds can be made into edibles and concentrates, as described below, but they’re also sold unprocessed as a flower. 

Determining your cannabis flower dosage can be challenging because smoking is an imprecise method of consumption. Beyond the size of the nug, other factors to consider when deciding on your marijuana flower dosage include:

  • Type of strain (Indica or Sativa)

  • THC levels of the specific strain

  • Age of the flower (it can lose potency over time)

  • Whether the flower was stored properly

Consider how you will consume the flower, for example, smoking it by rolling a joint or using a water bong. Using paper or a bowl will make it easier to control the amount you inhale. You can also vaporize raw flowers. As with all methods, start low and slow when vaping to get the correct weed flower dosage.

Dosing Edibles

Edibles are products made from cannabis flower buds that can be digested rather than inhaled as smoke or vapor. An edible package should come labeled with a recommended dose, making measuring your weed edible dosage simple. Still, there are so many options for an excellent edible experience that you can easily get confused by cannabis edible dosage.

Edibles include gummies, cookies, brownies, candy, and other baked goods and drinks. Each Product will have a different amount of THC, although some manufacturing processes may impact how your body metabolizes the chemicals. Whether you are microdosing or want a psychedelic experience, remember that many of the same factors apply when dosing edibles.

Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains are all used in the manufacturing of edibles, and the type is typically listed on the label. The label should also include the number of servings for the total doses of THC in the package. You may need very little of a particular product for an appropriate marijuana edible dosage.

Dosing Concentrates

Concentrates are another type of cannabis product consumed by methods beyond eating/drinking or smoking/vaping. Concentrates are often sold in tinctures, gels, or wax used in vaporizing pens, dab rigs, or other specialized tools. 

These products contain concentrated THC levels and other chemicals from the cannabis plant, so they are also usually the most potent option. This higher potency means you must be extra cautious when determining your weed concentrate dosage.

A vape pen for concentrates and a vape pen for flowers may look similar, but the weed dosage will differ. Regardless of the method of consumption, start with a minimal amount of Product when figuring out your cannabis concentrate dosage. Often, these products are used once a person has built a tolerance, so 5 or 10 mg doses might not provide a satisfactory result.

Again, talking with a budtender at Gifted Curators Weed DC Dispensary can help you understand the different factors when determining your marijuana concentrate dosage.

tips for safe weed consumption

Tips for Safe Weed Consumption

Now that the cannabis plant has been scientifically proven effective in supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, fewer people are “trying to get high.” Instead of a vague goal of intoxication, cannabis users prefer an experience focused on a specific outcome. The proper weed dosage is required to create this experience.

Here are tips for safe weed consumption and finding your optimal dosage.

Don’t Mix With Other Substances

You won’t know how the cannabis product affects your system if you consume other substances like alcohol. Even a large amount of sugar or caffeine could cause a different reaction than marijuana alone. When experimenting, have only one variable — cannabis — to gauge your weed dosage.

Start With a Low Dosage

To consume weed safely, start with the smallest amount possible. Starting slow reduces the possibility of toxic levels, which can cause stomach upset, paranoia, or disrupted sleep patterns.

Keep Track of Your Dosage

Know how much you have consumed at all times. When you first start, make a note in your phone or journal to keep track. 

Know the Potency of the Product

Always check the label before consuming a cannabis product. Being an informed consumer makes it easier to consume weed responsibly every time.

Store Products Safely

Finally, keep all cannabis products safe from UV rays, which can reduce potency, and from people who may not understand what they’re consuming. Candy and chocolate can appear to children and adults alike as harmless treats. You should also ensure your pets and children cannot access your stash.

Weed Dosage Is Important to a Good Experience

Cannabis users of all experience levels should treat their marijuana consumption as an individual experiment until they know the proper weed dosage for a specific product. By reading labels and proceeding cautiously at first, you can figure out the best amount to create the results you’re looking for.

You are responsible for taking care when enjoying cannabis, whether smoking flower, eating a gummy, or hitting a dab rig. Remember that your body differs from everyone else’s, so only you can determine a safe weed dosage.

To learn more about accurate dosing, visit Gifted Curators Weed DC Dispensary today.