5 DC Weed Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you looking for fun DC weed events? Whether you’re a local or are visiting the nation’s capital, weed events in DC are great places to sample, consume, and mingle with like-minded people. Weed events happen frequently in Washington DC, with the opportunity to enjoy joints, edibles, dabs, food, music, education, and more.

There are weed festivals, clubs, and pop-up shop events where you can sample some exotic strains. Some places will even let you smoke on private property.

According to Initiative 71, there is no direct sale of marijuana in DC. However, at some weed events in DC, weed is given as a gift or donation when you purchase an item from a vendor. Another option is to bring your own weed to the event so you can come prepared. You can also have weed delivered to you with Gifted Curators.

Are you looking for different weed events in Washington DC? Here’s a look at what weed events are, how to find them, and some of the most significant events from around the country and locally.

What are Weed Events

What Are Weed Events?

Before the legalization of cannabis around the country began, there was not a large variety of weed events. Weed festivals were started by advocacy groups when it was still illegal to organize these types of events.

However, as decriminalization gradually spread throughout America, weed-related events and festivals began to appear more frequently. One issue is that although you can purchase and carry marijuana, smoking it in public in many states is still illegal. So why do DC weed events exist?


Networking with other businesses is a major reason for hosting a weed event. For example, if you want to attract other companies to an event, organizing a retail weed event should attract other businesses in your same niche.


Events give vendors a chance to showcase their products while allowing consumers to sample and find out about different brands. Plus, they make revenue — which can be a great booster, especially for small businesses.


Weed events can build community by giving people a place to check out local products and enjoy conversations with others.

With DC being a popular area with a diverse culture, the cannabis industry as a whole can benefit from these weed events.

Some events are medical and scientific, with the goal of promoting CBD products and the benefits of medical marijuana. Other events are simply big parties. Some of them are neighborhood hangouts, at comedy clubs, or merely a group of artists who enjoy sharing a joint while creating art.

Both big and small weed events in DC are fantastic opportunities to educate people about cannabis and work to lessen the stigma attached to it.

How Do You Find Out About Weed Events in DC?

If you’re wondering how to find DC weed events, there are a few ways. For example, the internet and social media are fantastic ways to discover what’s happening around town. One form of social media that people tend to use to promote Washington DC weed events is Instagram. Other ways to find out about weed events include:

  • Check local dispensaries. They may advertise if they will have a booth or if they are attending an event.
  • Check ticket websites for events.
  • Check with some dispensaries that have an event calendar.

DC National Cannabis Festival

 1.  National Cannabis Festival 

The National Cannabis Festival was founded in 2015 to commemorate the plant and its legalization in Washington DC and elsewhere. Located at the RKF Stadium Festival Grounds, it is now an annual event that attracts a diverse group of cannabis enthusiasts from 30 states. The sixth annual National Cannabis Festival was held this year on the weekend after April 20. The week prior to the cannabis festival is known as DC 420 week, which hosts a vast array of cannabis networking events, munchy sales, and live performances.

All marijuana enthusiasts are welcome to join in the fun and learn more about this beautiful plant at this event, packed with concerts, food and drink, education, and public speakers. In addition, the “Munchie Zone” provides a variety of foods, including vegan and gluten-free options and festival-style fare. 

Ben & Jerry’s sponsors an ice cream eating contest. Additionally, DC Slices has a pizza eating contest. A complete culinary experience is offered at this event, so no matter what your craving is, you can find it at the “Munchie Zone.” Finally, you can also learn about some attending advocacy groups that have helped pave the road to legalization.

DC High Times Festival

 2.  High Times Cannabis Cup 

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a festival, a trade show, and what is now the world’s largest cannabis competition.

The competition is considered the “Oscar of cannabis,” and winning the cup has helped several brands become top industry players. Well-known celebrities have been judges in competitions over the years.

Moreover, since COVID-19 shut down much of the country, the competition has transitioned to a People’s Choice Edition. Now people can get judging kits and help choose the winners in state-wide competitions across the country.

There are also instructional seminars, expositions, concerts, and more. With so many events, there’s fun for everyone who attends.

Cannabis Conference

3.  Cannabis Conference

The Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will host the Cannabis Conference from August 23 to 25, 2022. The focus of the Cannabis Conference is on hemp and plant-related businesses. It is renowned for providing thousands of American industry professionals in cultivation, extraction, and dispensaries with some of the highest-level educational seminars on the plant.


4.  Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference

The Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference is a business-to-business event. The trade show, which focuses on health, beauty, and wellness brands, is the first and only B2B trade show of its kind. 

The conference helps establish connections between high-end CBD, hemp, and cannabis wellness and beauty brands and the general public, upscale dispensaries, retailers, and investors. This year’s event will take place in Hudson Yards, New York, on October 20 and 21, 2022.


5. CannaCon 

CannaCon is the country’s leading B2B cannabis conference, bringing manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers together for educational seminars and business concerning cannabis. It is an excellent place if you are in the cannabis industry in any form, from an event planner to a wholesaler. You can network and create valuable contacts at a CannaCon conference. Look for the next conference near you to get tickets.

Other Cannabis Festivals

Here’s a look at some other cannabis festivals you may want to attend outside of the DC area.

Cannifest Chicago

A two-day Cannabis Trade Gathering with over 50 vendors and exhibitors from all across the nation

420 on the Rocks: 

A concert in Denver, Colorado, to celebrate the stoner holiday

The Role Up Festival

A three-day Earth Day celebration in Massachusetts with tons of performers. It was April 15–17 this year. Dates for 2023 have yet to be announced.

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival:

 A bi-annual event that takes place in April and will be held again on October 1 and 2 this year. Free admission and parking — offers live music, over 250 cannabis vendors, food, art, and more

SweetWater 420 Fest:

 A yearly event held in Atlanta, Georgia, on the weekend closest to Earth Day. With over 45 different bands, it is even kid-friendly. At this party hosted by Sweetwater Brewing Company, there will be beer, food, and live entertainment.

Local DC Events

If you are searching for some DC weed events, Eventbrite has a couple you should check out.

  • “Howard University smoke out” is offered by Glowblow at 400 Oklahoma Ave NE on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2023 is set to endorse new retail licenses for DC weed lounges and outdoor cannabis rooftop events by early 2024. These events will host live performances, karaoke, food, and be cannabis friendly.
  • If you are into art, try the “Elevated Saturday Paint Sesh” at Howard University on Saturdays from 3:00 PM to 10:30 PM for a 420-friendly lounge. You can also paint artwork for donations.
  • A “private masquerade party” with infused food and drinks, music, and fun will be held at a private residence in Washington, DC, on September 24, 2022. The host will give the location the day before the event. The event is hosted by Lena S. “What’s Poppin USA.”
  • Instagram is another helpful place to look for other local DC weed events.
  • DC is home to many DC weed infused restaurants which operate as speakeasies with live bands, art classes, and cannabis gifting options.

Other Things To Do in DC

If you are looking for more exciting things to do in DC where you can celebrate weed,  check out some 420-friendly places. For example, if you want to find some more exciting things to do in Adams Morgan, DC, there are shopping, food, nightlife, and cannabis shops. If you are moving to DC or simply traveling through, this city has a lot of diverse cultures and fun places to visit.

Where To Buy Weed and Edibles Before Attending a Weed Event?

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