Where To Buy Weed Carts in DC 2023

buy weed carts dc

Gifted Curators dispensary in Washington DC sells a variety of weed vape carts. You must be 21 years old and have a valid legal photo ID; no need for a medical card! Look no further if this is your first time purchasing a vape cart or weed pen. Gifted Curators is a cannabis cart and vape pen store in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC that also sells Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis products. You can visit the store located in Adams Morgan to view the products in person, or you can go to the website and look under the cannabis concentrates section to find the vapes that are currently in stock. Gifted Curators is located in the heart of Washington, DC, and is easily accessible whether you live in the city, a neighboring state such as Maryland or Virginia, or are just passing through!

Browse the online store for convenient in-store pickup of your favorite weed pens and carts.

Best DC Weed Carts

best weed carts dc

If you’re looking for the highest quality trusted vape carts DC has to offer, look no further. Premium distillate and live resin vape carts are available from Gifted Curators. The distillate carts last the longest and are flavored with tested cannabis-derived terpenes. The distillate gives you a long-lasting vape cart with a super potent high, and the terpenes added to give you the effects of that cannabis strain and flavor. The live resin carts do not hit as hard or last as long but are derived directly from the strain-specified plant and are preferred by connoisseurs that enjoy the taste of the strain’s flavor.

Gifted Curators Premium Vape Cartridge (1g)

1 gram vape carts

The most popular Gifted Curators distillate carts are disposable vapes that can be screwed onto a standard 510 vaporizer battery. These carts are made with the best weed the nation’s capital has to offer, and they come in a variety of Indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains! The cartridges are made entirely of ceramic and feature the most advanced anti-leak technology. These weed carts do not contain any residual solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals. The distillate carts at Gifted Curators have been lab-tested, and contain natural cannabis-derived terpenes. The terpenes chosen are tested and validated in order to produce the strain effects profile.

Torch Diamond Live Resin Vape Cartridge (2 Grams) 

live resin vape cart
These live resin vape cartridges come in a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Live resin vape cartridges are the highest quality cannabis vape cartridge you can buy in Washington, DC. With live resin weed vape carts, you are getting the natural plant terpenes and THC in every puff. The cost of the live resin vape cartridges is a bit more than distillate vape cartridges, but most cannabis connoisseurs will say it is worth every penny. Torch Diamond Live Resin vape cartridges are $100 for 2 grams which is a fantastic deal.

How much do cannabis vape carts cost in Washington DC?

Weed vape carts from a dispensary in DC will cost between $40 and $60. Gifted Curators sells a variety of trusted cannabis carts and weed pens. Sign up for the Gifted Curators e-mail list to learn about the newest brands and best deals on carts and pens. There are weed delivery companies in DC that sell carts for a lower price, but we do not recommend purchasing these because they have not been lab tested properly and can be very harmful to your health.

Types Of DC Weed Carts

Distillate Weed Carts

Distillate vape carts are made from THC distillate. THC Distillate is created by extracting THC from the cannabis flower or the plant itself. Chemicals such as butane or CO2 can be used to extract the distillate. Only lab-tested CO2 extracted distillate carts are carried by the trusted store Gifted Curators. THC distillate is extremely potent, containing 80-90 percent THC. The distillate is used not only in carts and pens but also in tinctures and edibles such as gummies. Distillate carts are also known as dab pens or disty carts. You can shop-tested distillate carts on the Gifted Curators website under the concentrates collection page.

Live Resin Weed Carts

Live resin is extracted by putting frozen cannabis plants or flowers through a solvent extraction, which uses a chemical such as butane or propane. Live resin has a much lower THC percentage than distillate but retains the terpenes, resulting in a much more natural flavor of the cannabis strain. Some live resin carts are mixed with distillate, while others are pure live resin. For the live resin carts and disposables, Gifted Curators uses high-quality flower with plant parts. Gifted Curators carries a variety of live resin vapes, which are also available on the website on the concentrates collection page.

Are Weed Vapes Legal In DC?

Yes, marijuana vapes are legal in DC! You can get weed vape carts, THC pens, and vaporizers gifted through an I-71 shop like Gifted Curators with an ID that shows you are 21+, or you can buy them from a medical marijuana dispensary if you are a resident and go through the medical card process. If you are visiting the city and want to access the best weed in DC, I-71 is the way to go. The I-71 shops will gladly walk you through the gifting process if you are unfamiliar, just ask! There are even I-71 weed delivery services, but to purchase the highest quality flower and vapes, visit Gifted Curators in Adams Morgan, DC for your vape cannabis gift. Washington DC has stepped up to provide a way for enthusiasts and weed connoisseurs within the nation’s capital to have the right to possess marijuana vapes even though federal cannabis legalization has ways to go.

Where Can you smoke weed carts in DC?

You can smoke cannabis within the place you are staying or within the designated smoking areas in DC. Check out our infographic of the designated cannabis smoking areas to find out where it is legal to smoke cannabis outside in the city.

How many weed carts can I have in DC?

You may have up to two ounces of cannabis in your possession, which is equal to 28 two-gram carts, 56 one-gram carts, or 112 half-gram carts. Needless to say, you won’t be traveling with that many carts, but having a vape cart with you is completely legal under Initiative 71.

How long do weed vape cartridges last?

how long do weed carts last

Distillate Vape Carts last longer than live resin and provide approximately 300 really nice size puffs. Distillate carts can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how frequently you smoke per day.

With Live Resin Carts, you will need more puffs to experience a comparable effect to distillate carts because they have a lower THC percentage. The live resin carts will still give you around 300 puffs, but you will have to hit it more frequently. it will most likely last a week to a month, depending on how frequently you smoke the live resin cart.

Vape Cart Deals and More

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