best smoke shop in DC

Best Smoke Shop In DC

The cannabis culture in Washington, DC, has evolved in recent years. New legislation and legal loopholes now make it possible to obtain marijuana. While DC law allows for medical marijuana distribution, cultivation, and possession, selling marijuana is still illegal. However, the law makes no mention of weed gifting. This loophole in the I-71 law has resulted in a new wave of marijuana gift shops opening in D.C. So, how do marijuana gift shops work? And where can you find the best one in the District of Columbia? Please continue reading to learn more about Washington, DC’s dispensaries, how they operate legally, and which is the best.

Gifted Curators Weed Smoke Shop Menu

Gifted Curators Weed smoke shop menu

Gifted Curators has some of the best exotics in the city. This dispensary is located in the heart of Adams Morgan and follows Initiative 71. The knowledgeable staff at this dispensary can assist you in selecting the best marijuana products for your needs. Whether you choose to walk in or order online and pick up in-store, the following marijuana products are available at this dispensary:

Cannabis Flower

With something for everyone, Gifted features some of the best buds in town. They provide a diverse selection of flowers, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. The menu is constantly changing, but here is a list of the most popular strains at this location right now:

Indica Dominant Strains

  • Zkittlez -This strain is well-known for relaxing the entire body while keeping the brain active and energized.
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato -has both energizing and relaxing effects.
  • Carlotti -Its moderate high won’t keep you couch-locked. With this strain, you can expect a gentle body buzz leaving you peaceful and pain-free. It’s a great strain that drifts away any mental concerns.

Sativa Dominant Strains

  • Strawberry Jamz -has a naturally calming effect that some find semi-euphoric and deeply comforting. This strain is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from mental stress, chronic pain, insomnia, or a lack of appetite.
  • BlackJack -Its high may improve concentration and mood, making it an excellent midday strain. Some users claim it helps with stress, depression, pain, and eating disorders like anorexia. Expect psychedelic effects in addition to cerebral impacts. 
  • Cheetah Piss -this strain has been linked to a potentially mood-boosting high with uplifting cerebral effects. Users may also experience a sense of relaxation in their bodies.

Hybrid Strains

  • Gelato 33 -induces a soothing sensation in the body, which relaxes muscles and relieves aches and pains. It has a combination of uplifting mental and soothing physical effects.
  • Apples & Bananas -Users, report intense cerebral euphoria, as well as a numbing body buzz. The mind will be lifted into a state of happy euphoria, and creativity will increase. This versatile strain can be used both in the morning and at night.

Carts and Disposables

Gifted Curators has the best selection of joints and disposables in D.C. The following are some of Gifted’s high-quality pre-rolls:

  • House-blend pre-rolls – .75 grams each of premium house flower
  • Moonstick – 1g of premium, extra-strength flower & concentrate 
  • Next Level – 1.25g dipped and infused joints in your strain of choice.
  • Boutiq Mini Joints – 2.5g pre-rolls with micro-diamond-infused indoor flower

Marijuana Edibles

best smoke shops DC

The edible gift menu at Gifted Curators includes the following delightful THC-infused treats:

  • Baghead Boys – 400mg THC-infused gummies
  • Baghead Boys Extreme – Baghead’s 2x strength and size 800mg THC-infused gummies
  • JackPots – Sour gumdrops with 400mg THC are a well-known favorite!
  • Mello Bars –Mello Bars are delightful cannabis-infused marshmello bars that come in four 125mg servings. 
  • Dean and Deluca – 500mg simple ingredient gummies in Matcha, Chili Peach Rings, and Blue Raspberry

THC Concentrates

Gifted Curators’ THC concentrate gift menu includes:

  • Gifted Curators Premium Vape Cartridge – Gifted Curators 1g vape cartridges are filled with premium distillate and natural, quality-tested terpenes. The cartridge is made entirely of ceramic and features anti-leak technology. There are no residual solvents, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Smoke Shop Buying Process

Purchasing marijuana can be confusing, so let’s review how the buying process works in D.C.

How To Buy From A DC Smoke Shop?

How to buy from a DC smoke shop

So, how does one purchase recreational marijuana in Washington, D.C.? It’s simple; you don’t need a medical marijuana card because you only need a valid adult 21-and-up identification card.

Step 1: Locate a trusted marijuana dispensary. Gifted Curator offers high-quality cannabis and friendly customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Step 2: Visit the store in person or browse the menu online. Gifted Curators and other reputable Washington, DC dispensaries are happy to answer any cannabis-related questions. If you’re new to cannabis or want to learn more about it, Gifted has a knowledgeable and friendly team waiting to assist you.

Step 3: Bring a valid photo I.D. that proves you are over the age of 21 and cash or use the free ATM at Gifted for your convenience. You can also order and add cannabis-related gifts to your cart by visiting the dispensaries’ website. Next, purchase the digital art for the cannabis product, pick it up in-store or curbside, and receive your free cannabis gift. You will receive a code to redeem your digital art and gift.

Step 4: Enjoy your cannabis gifts! 

It is important to remember that gifting etiquette is essential in D.C. dispensaries. To ensure full compliance with I-71 laws, avoid using language such as “buying” or “purchasing” cannabis products. The weed gifts that come with your purchase are legally free gifts, and dispensaries treat them as such. This way, both you and the dispensaries can comply with local laws.

Do I need a medical card to buy from a smoke shop?

The simple answer is no. Purchases from recreational marijuana dispensaries do not require a medical card. To purchase marijuana from a recreational smoke shop, you must be 21 years old and have a valid I.D. Medical marijuana cards are only required in Washington, DC, if you intend to buy from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Trusted Local DC Smoke Shop

The D.C. marijuana gifting loophole introduces more risk than states that fully legalized weed distribution, so buying products from a reputable D.C. smoke shop is critical. To ensure that you follow D.C. law, only shop at a dispensary that adheres to I-71, such as Gifted Curators. Shopping at a smoke shop that does not adhere to these rules is dangerous and may harm your health.

Why is Gifted Curators The Best DC Smoke Shop?

Gifted Curators is one of Washington, DC’s first I71-compliant cannabis storefronts. Gifted is the only marijuana dispensary in the District of Columbia, with over 2,000 five-star reviews. Their shop is in the heart of Adams Morgan, and they offer excellent customer service. They have one of the most extensive menus available, with high-quality products. One of this dispensary’s advantages over others is that they have brand new fresh strains every month. You won’t get tired of shopping with Gifted Curators!

In addition to being one of the most trusted local dispensaries, there are numerous reasons why Gifted Curators is the best smoke shop in D.C.! Let’s go over why Gifted Curators is a top choice for D.C. marijuana connoisseurs:

  • Community support – At Gifted Curators, they sell digital art from natural, local street artists, helping the local art community thrive. 
  • Quality products – They only provide high-quality flowers, including carefully selected strains, hand-rolled joints, pure concentrates, and other products, including smoking accessories.
  • Affordability – Compared to other dispensaries, they offer low-cost products, including free cannabis, with purchases of products starting at $10.
  • Large selection – Gifted has many products in its art gallery, including dozens of free flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, and other cannabis products.
  • Best location – Gifted Curators is in the best area in Adams Morgan. Stop by while taking in everything this neighborhood offers, from bars and local shops to delicious food.
  • Customer benefits – With their loyalty rewards program, Gifted Curators offers promotions and benefits to loyal customers. In addition, all customers who leave a review for the dispensary receive a free pre-roll!

Overall, Gifted Curators offers a fun and legal marijuana shopping experience! Gifting only the most potent, high-quality marijuana products. Stop by today to see why Gifted Curators is one of the best D.C. smoke shops.

Can you legally smoke in D.C.?

Now that you know where and how to legally get weed in Washington, DC, you must know the rules about smoking your cannabis products in the area. Here are some frequently asked questions about smoking weed in Washington, DC.

Is it illegal to smoke weed in D.C.?

While it is illegal to smoke weed in public places and on federal property, there are designated smoking areas within the city. Smoking weed medically or recreationally in a private residence or business is also legal. This means your home, cannabis-friendly hotel, Airbnb, or other private residence are all places where you can legally smoke cannabis products.

Can I smoke a joint on the street in D.C.?

One of the safest places to freely smoke a joint is on the street in Georgetown, DC. It is reasonably acceptable in Georgetown because there are many smoke shops nearby. Although the police have restricted cannabis use occasionally, people rarely get in trouble for smoking in this area. The Georgetown waterfront is well-known among marijuana enthusiasts looking for a place to freely smoke their marijuana gifts!

What are some of the best places to smoke marijuana in D.C.?

The majority of public places in D.C. are prohibited from smoking marijuana. Still, there are a few places where it can be consumed safely as long as you are cautious. Aside from smoking in the comfort of your home, the Georgetown waterfront, U-street, and Eighteenth Street Lounge are all known areas for potheads. As long as you are watchful, you may smoke freely on the street and in these designated areas.